We are committed to assisting disabled candidates to finding the right workplace for their skills and experience, while accommodating their individual needs. We offer a range of learnership opportunities for disabled candidates to assist them in accessing the job-market

Finding the Ability in the disability.

Finding the Ability in the Disability
On the 20th July 2015, Only the BEST and Teleresources Pty (Ltd) staffing solutions spent 67 minutes of Nelson Mandela Day in schools around the country which cater for children with disabilities. Our talent team donated 535 books to the libraries of schools which were visited, across Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. Readers are LEADERS.
Only the BEST and Teleresources has been placing people with disabilities within major corporates around the country. Our offering is beyond placement, it’s a passion of empowering lives and finding the ability in the disability.
People with disabilities are often discriminated against in communities, and many companies do not have the knowledge or resources to provide sensitization training and programmes centred around employing people with disability. The new labour law implemented as of 1 May 2015, enforces companies to increase their Employment Equity on disability placements from 2.5% of net profits to 7.5 %. Companies failing to adhere to the new amended law face penalties. Only the BEST and Teleresources has positioned itself to assist business in achieving these targets.
For every job placed in South Africa, twenty lives are improved, this has a direct impact on the economy and society. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to contribute positively to our economy. In September 2014, Statistics South Africa released the Census 2011 Disability Report which stated that 7.5% of the population are persons with disabilities. The Census and quarterly labour reviews assists employers to set their Disability Employment Equity Targets.
Only the BEST and Teleresources understands the social divide this creates, as most people with disabilities have no assistance in workplace readiness. As a company who believes in giving everybody “fair opportunity”, Only the BEST and Teleresources has undertaken this disability program with enthusiasm.
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Only the Best and Teleresources Pty (Ltd) visited Adelaide Tambo School for Learners with disability in Soweto, we distributed sanitary products to all female leaners.