Areas of Expertise

Permanent Recruitment is an investment of time and money for your organisation and when you are tasked with recruiting the Right candidate for the Right job, it can become an all- consuming task.

Partnering with an ONLY the BEST recruitment consultant can address your staffing needs, give you back the gift of time and help you realise a return on investment.

ONLY the BEST recruitment consultants are experts not only in the industries we serve but also in the professional disciplines we represent. Our business is not transactional it is a partnership where our main objective is to Empower You and to Empower Your Business.

We’re different because we blend the knowledge we’ve gained from our years of experience with Best Practice in the industry.

With a cumulative experience of 137 years in the industry amongst the experts in the team, we are best positioned to use innovative methods of sourcing Top Talent for you and leveraging off our well established networks build over the years.

This powerful combination enables us to find, evaluate, and place the right candidates, delivering a completely customised strategic staffing solution.

Our thorough end to end recruitment methodology ensures that your risk is mitigated and is based on the psychological premise that Past Behaviour predicts Future Behaviour. We not only engage the candidate and their skill set but also engage them on a motivational level to ensure that their needs will be met by their next career choice. We match the motivational drivers of the candidate and the client to cement a successful culture match

We further support you and your business with a 3 month guarantee, partnering with you to retain talent through this critical time. What does this mean for hiring professionals? Quite simply, it means that you’ll be paired with an experienced recruitment specialist with a world of talent at their fingertips, saving you time and connecting you with the most precious commodity of all…the BEST people.

Seeking a solution that is certain to reduce your costs, which may include peripheral or non-core business expenses and production costs in your people/human resources value chain? ONLY the BEST has a specialist arm with 14 years’ experience in the outsourcing arena

ONLY the BEST will free your internal resources for other purposes whilst streamlining and increasing efficiency for time-consuming functions.

Take advantage of ONLY the BEST specialist knowledge and economies of scale to improve performance and achieve the service needed in your people business arena.

This will afford you the opportunity to “Do what you do Best and outsource the rest”.

Functional Outsourcing is a customisable solution that focuses on high quality, measurable outcomes and cost savings in your people and human resources value chain.

ONLY the BEST tailors a solution to meet a variety of outsourcing needs. This is from traditional full time equivalent staffing models to peak staffing contracts and nationally aligned sourcing contracts. ONLY the BEST will develop a solution to align with your functional requirements.

The commercial model is such that a client pays for the operational success while benefiting from streamlines operations, enhanced employee relationships, increased efficiencies and optimised quality.

The benefit of functional outsourcing is that our clients are not liable in terms of Section 198(2) of the LRA and the Deeming Clause is not applicable to our clients. This allows ONLY the BEST to mitigate your risk and become the sole employer of the employees function- which is ring- fenced.

The functional outsourcing model helps organisations to perform well in their core competencies, fuel innovation and mitigate a shortage of skill or expertise in the areas where you would like us to outsource

ONLY the BEST prides ourselves on our responsiveness to our clients’ needs for Temporary and Contingent staff during peak periods, annual leave and sick leave taken by your staff.

Our temporary model encompasses not only Contingent services but also contract and project based recruitment to address the increasing workload of the organisation. We have an unlimited pool amount of experienced, seasoned and skilled pool of temporary employees ready to be deployed.

Our temps have been assessed in terms of skill, competency and motivational drivers.

In addition to this we have longstanding relationships with our contingent temps who have rendered services for Blue Chip Organisations over many years. This has inspired loyalty and retention of the BEST contingent staff.

We have a 24 hour service where we supply you with your temporary resource so that your productivity and efficiencies are not compromised. In addition to this we offer a four- hour satisfaction guarantee, which ensures that the Right candidate has been provided for the Right job, addressing your pressing needs and keeping your productivity levels high.

ONLY the BEST consultant keeps in constant contact with both our temp and client in order to monitor performance. Above all our associate labour law consultant ensures that we mitigate your risk with the most relevant advice on temporary recruitment labour issues.

Talent….. We find it, we nurture it and manage it with Passion and Purpose!


ONLY the BEST has introduced our specialized disability recruitment offering as the premier provider to the South African market place. A national target of 2% of each organisations staff compliment is required to comprise candidates with disabilities.

Together with stringent targets of 7% on the BBBEE scorecard to be met, ONLY the BEST heeded the call to action! Headed up by our specialist who has a Masters in Psychology and run with our team who have degrees in Psychology and a Masters in Sociology, you have a team of experts who are committed to offering employment and independence to people with disabilities and improve their quality of life.

ONLY the BEST Disability Recruitment Division is committed to assisting our clients in achieving their employment equity requirements successfully by developing individualized and flexible recruitment strategies and increasing the number of job opportunities available to people with disabilities.

ONLY the BEST does this through our bespoke end to end recruitment methodology.  This not only assists candidates with disabilities becoming integrated in their new place of employ but also supports our client in becoming sensitized and empowered in integrating candidates with disabilities into their workplace with the rest of their employees.

When ONLY the BEST engages our client we ensure that you are able to accommodate disability in the workplace by conducting a reasonable accommodation report with you. This engagement also includes one of our skilled consultants completing a Universal Access Scan with you to assess your working environment.  This valuable assessment can also be used as part of your Human Resources Transformation Plan. It is always recommended that sensitization workshops are held with your employees and the team that employees with disabilities will be joining.  This will empower the organization to be cognizant of the appropriate manner to engage employees with disabilities and understand what Reasonable Accommodation is. These Sensitisation Workshops are also offered by ONLY the BEST. Our thorough end to end recruitment process is executed to ensure that you have the opportunity to HIRE, INSPIRE, & ADMIRE the perfect placement.  Our recruitment process is also compliant and mitigates all risk to our candidate and client.

To assure successful integration into the workplace for employees with disabilities ONLY the BEST also offers a SUPPORT model.  This model is implemented as a bespoke Key Account Methodology.

This drives communication regarding the wellness of the employee, their performance, their successful integration and management of sick leave, and absenteeism.

This model drives employee interaction to keep employee an engaged and committed employee of the organization. ONLY the BEST has strong strategic alliances with disability experts.  Among our experts are specialists who have written the disability framework for disability learnerships as well as specialists who have written the codes of good practice which have been endorsed by government. Our strong strategic alliances with NGO’S and NPO’S have also contributed to ONLY the BEST being thought leaders in the industry.

The employment of candidates with disabilities can be realized in the following employee models:

  • Perm and Professional Placements
  • Disability Learnerships / Internships;
  • Flex / Temporary Employment;
  • Contract Employment.


“A Learnership is a work based learning programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification.” Learnerships are directly related to an occupation or field of work.

Learnerships promote access to education and training, as they allow you to work and start your career while also studying for an accredited qualification

A Learnership programme means that a learner studies theory and does practical assignments in the workplace, this enhances learning and exposure to a work environment.


  • Learnerships are developed by the industry for the industry, in consultation with all relevant stakeholders, so the learning programme and qualification of the Learners are relevant to the specific occupation.
  • Learnerships create an opportunity for companies to collaborate with training providers to customise learning programmes to meet specific workplace needs.
  • Learnerships improved skills and work performance. Because employees will be acquiring new knowledge and skills and applying these in the workplace, companies will be raising the skills levels of employees while improving work performance.
  • Productivity improvement as employees will have the skills and knowledge required.
  • Less supervision time because employees have been exposed to the work environment and understand the processes already.
  • Employees will see the Learnership as an investment in their future, and they will be more likely to give back to the organization by being loyal
  • As training programmes that combine theory and relevant practical elements, Learnerships create skilled people.
  • By entering into a Learnership with unemployed people, companies contribute to South Africa’s competitiveness.
  • Employers will be able to select employees from a wider pool of appropriately qualified workers who have developed skills that are relevant to the company’s specific work context.

Be the conduit to attracting talent, Find it, make it, and manage it with passion and purpose

ONLY the BEST (Pty) Ltd is committed to creating meaningful employment for our youth in South Africa. It is with this that we support Internship programmes and select hosts for graduates who require working experience to progress in their career

These benefits of hiring interns might persuade your company to start an internship programme and hire fresh talent from ONLY the BEST:

1. New Perspective on organisational issues

Interns challenge “the way we have always done it” mentality and bring fresh, new ideas to the company. Interns are good at questioning processes and can often see a better way of doing things that the organisation did not.

2. Ease with Technology

Social media, computer programs, IPads- These are second nature for young professionals. This will add value to your organisation

3. It’s a trial period that could lead to something more

An internship is a great way to see how much potential a student or a recent graduate has in the field. You will also get to see their skills and work ethic as an intern and might decide to bring them on as a paid employee at a late stage

4. Help with projects or tasks that you are struggling to complete

An interested candidate takes on an internship in hopes of accomplishing something to use on their resume o in future interviews. Give an intern real, meaningful work that will help your organisation run smoother, accomplish more and help with your success

5. Gain Brand Advocates

Hiring an intern helps spread the word about your company- whether you mean to or not. If you are an impressive internship supervisor and mentor, your interns will probably talk about their experience with peers and friends essentially providing free advertising for your organisation


The tourism industry continues to be one of the fastest growing and most vibrant sectors of Africa’s economy. Africa is steadily developing into one of the world’s great regions for travel. With its exceptional, unfiltered fusion of breath taking, life inspiring offerings – history and heritage, culture and tradition, wildlife, natural beauty, and most importantly in the innate spirit of the continent’s people – Africa never fails to create an imprint on the minds and hearts of travelers from across the globe.

Increased revenue numbers, despite challenges for the industry

Overall room revenue in South Africa, Mauritius 12.2% in 2016, the biggest increase since 2013. Hotel room revenue growth was also seen in Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania.

As businesses confront rising costs and ever more demanding guests, having an objective measure for customer service is more important than ever.

It is not uncommon to find, due to cost and the need for capacity, that training is often infrequent, inconsistent and not accredited.

Staffing solutions, Consulting services and Outsourced workforces

Our three-pronged approach offer independent sales channels into the world class hotels.

  1. It provides the establishment with skilled seasonal ad hoc contingent staff in your peak periods where you require capacity
  2. We offer outsources workforces to ringfence your staff compliment and mitigate all your risk with a full HR value chain
  3. And finally, to address cost and efficiencies in your business, we offer consulting services to analyse staffing processes, skills profiles and gaps, staffing ratios, productivity standards, control mechanisms, efficiencies and technology

“Consistent action creates consistent results”

Hospitality Worx has extensive understanding and has seen the benefit of Consistent Technical Skills being trained in hotel operations. This has had more than a positive effect on the organisations cost and efficiencies.

Hospitality Worx has identified the value of blended learning where employees and ambassadors of the hotel receive accredited training, increasing the service levels of your establishment.

There is a constant need for training employees. To this end, Hospitality Worx has invested in a dedicated and stand-alone chef training school which allows for kitchen staff to be trained offsite. All hospitality training material is accredited with CathSeta, City and Guilds and other accreditation agencies and can be claimed back from SETA. The monetary value is not the only benefit but the speed to productivity will increase your capabilities and efficiencies.

To drive customer centricity throughout the organisation and manage your costs with one training center, we also train waiters, barmen, housekeepers and front desk personnel.

We partner with you to deliver international standards

Hospitality Consulting

To ensure that the solution we provide to you is bespoke and focused, we strongly recommend the business consulting service as a first point of departure. Our Hospitality Business Consultant(s) will conduct an audit, draft recommendations and identify solutions that will address productivity, ratios, internal control process and operating standards.

Training Intervention

A recent Business Consulting exercise in one of the largest hotel chains yielded the following result:

A Status Quo Audit was conducted. The audit highlighted various training providers offered different training material, none of which were accredited. This resulted in inconsistent service, inefficient structures, inconsistent standards and no brand alignment. Our Business Consultant‘s capability analysed three critical factors that were expressed, cost, efficiency and consistency.

From the Gap Analysis, a bespoke solution was implemented where training was streamlined accredited and outcomes based. Refresher training was implemented, delivering consistent and brand aligned training material. Costs were reduced and efficiencies were increased.

Functional Outsourcing

We will manage the full value chain allowing you to focus on your core business and realise cost efficiencies.

Our services include:

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Industrial Relations
  • Payroll
  • Management Information
  • Policies and Procedures

In 2015, 475 664 individuals were directly employed in the tourism sector in South Africa, rising by 205 153 to 680 817 individuals in 2016.

Comparable employment data from 2017 show that tourism added more jobs to the economy than other industries such as trade, agriculture and manufacturing.