The war for Top Talent is rife and it requires weeks, sometimes more than a month to find the Right Candidate for the Right Job. Does it not then make sense to further invest in your valuable employees and make sure that they are correctly inducted and that their expectations are managed from the onset?

We believe it is imperative to support and correctly integrate new hires as these are your new Brand Ambassadors. Brands of Choice that we deal with invest in a robust onboarding programme, where everything from Health and Safety to what you can expect on the job is covered. A robust induction is time well spent and an investment that creates loyalty and excitement about the brand and the position that the candidate is taking on.

It may be an investment of time upfront, but you will certainly see the Return on Investment in the long run. On average, it takes an employee between 1-3 months to successfully adapt and adopt the culture and the “Way things are done”. By supporting them through this process, you will see results in improvements in speed of productivity a lot quicker and find a well- adjusted employee. Often by appointing a mentor in the workplace, you are not only supporting your new hire, but you may very well be giving someone new responsibilities they have been seeking. Don’t assume that new starters have the relevant EQ and understanding of your business to be able to fit into our organisation immediately. Invest time in introducing recruits to their new environment and offer initial support and a framework for learning.


Too often we hear, when interviewing a candidate, that their reason for leaving is that an expectation was created and not met. In addition to this, lack of support is also cited too often as a reason for leaving.

Two intangibles that are easily within a company’s control but are too often overlooked or excused

Everyone wants a purposeful, meaningful employment, and an opportunity to make a difference. When a candidate is initially interviewed for their position, the expectation is created that this will indeed be fulfilled. An experience was created by introducing them to colleagues and line managers and once hired, the pieces don’t always fall into place that easily.

It is imperative to coach, guide and share with your new talent., The importance of the role they play, and what the consequences are from a strategic level should their role not be executed and clear expectations of what the role entails is vital. Often, on the job training without induction and onboarding results in a disgruntled employee sharing their frustrations with the new hire, leaving them to question their choice of new employer.

Create the right reality from the onset so that there is no disparity between expectation vs realisation.


  • Share with your new hire “How things are done around here”. The quicker the employee finds their feet, the quicker they become productive.
  • Make sure your message is consistent from the onset of your interview, through your onboarding, all the way to the employee being in the workplace.
  • Help new employees understand the importance of their role in the organisation, giving them purpose and a reason for meaningful employment.


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