Functional outsourcing

Are you seeking a solution that is certain to reduce your costs, which may include peripheral or non-core business expenses and production costs in your people/human resources value chain? ONLY the BEST has a specialist arm with 14 years’ experience in the functional outsourcing arena.

ONLY the BEST will free your internal resources for other purposes whilst streamlining and increasing efficiency for time-consuming functions.

Take advantage of ONLY the BEST’s specialist knowledge and economies of scale to improve performance and achieve the service needed in your people business arena.

This will afford you the opportunity to “Do what you do Best and outsource the rest”.

Functional Outsourcing is a customisable solution that focuses on high quality, measurable outcomes and cost savings in your people and human resources value chain.

ONLY the BEST tailors a solution to meet a variety of outsourcing needs. This ranges from a traditional full time equivalent staffing models to peak staffing contracts and nationally aligned sourcing contracts. ONLY the BEST will develop a solution to align with your functional requirements.

The commercial model is such that a client pays for the operational success while benefiting from streamlined operations, enhanced employee relationships, increased efficiencies and optimised quality.

The benefit of functional outsourcing is that our clients are not liable in terms of Section 198(2) of the LRA and the Deeming Clause is not applicable to our clients. This allows ONLY the BEST to mitigate your risk and become the sole employer of the employees’ function which is ring-fenced.

The functional outsourcing model helps organisations perform well in their core competencies, fuel, innovation and mitigate a shortage of skill or expertise in the areas you would like us to outsource

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