ONLY the BEST Hospitality is headed by a Managing Director who has been involved in the hospitality industry his entire working life. He took over the management of a large hospitality staffing organisation in 2004 where he developed and grew the organisation to be the leading national hospitality staffing provider in South Africa, servicing conference centres, hotels, casinos, catering companies, resorts and corporates.

Outsourced Staffing

ONLY the BEST supplies to all staff categories. We are able to provide staff on an hourly rate as and when business dictates this. We also have a leasing option, where staff are supplied on a fixed monthly fee, as well as a continuous outsourced basis, constructed on 187 working hours per month. For the purpose of saving on overtime costs, ONLY the BEST Hospitality will also employ all staff on the basis of working a “compressed working week” which allows the staff to work up to a maximum of 12-hour shifts or 45 hours per week or 187 hours per month, whichever occurs first.


By providing a consulting service, our hospitality experts can conduct audits to understand and map out the solutions and from the gap analysis. They can then implement efficient, effective cost saving initiatives to implement brand alignment and superior customer service.


Training is conducted in line with the accredited Training Academy and Hotel School material.

Time and Attendance

ONLY the BEST Hospitality uses a biometric time and attendance technology and/or a proximity tracking system. This technology is able to provide management information reports to support you and the account executive in managing the business more effectively, resulting in cost efficiencies.

Functional Outsourcing

This service is an extension of your Human Resources division. Our account executive and the support team will recruit, onboard, train, manage, payroll, and exit employees if necessary. This team will be integrated into your business and provide you with immediate response on any Human Resources challenges.

Hospitality is driven by service excellence, professionalism and flexibility, values that lie at the core ONLY the BEST Hospitality. We are committed to collaborating and being of service to hospitality companies and providing you with “Top Talent,” training and consulting services. We breathe the ethos of hospitality and customer centricity and assure you this will be your experience too.