We have also outlined additional services that we offer in the hospitality industry to showcase our innovation, diligence and strong work ethic. We breathe the ethos of hospitality and customer centricity and assure you this will be your experience too.


» Experience: 22 years in the staffing industry
» Member of: The Workforce Holdings Group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange ALTX
» B-BBEE Level : Level 4 with a 51% Black Ownership and 34.34% Black Female Ownership
» What this means for you: You are able to claim 100% of your procurement spend by partnering with us
» Accreditations, Membership and Compliance
» Services SETA
» South Africa Chef’s Association
» City and Guilds Association
» Wine and Spirit Education Trust
» Quality Council Trade Education
» Labour Relations Act
» Basic Conditions of Employment
» Occupational Health and Safety
» International Hotel School Capital Hotel School


ONLY the BEST Hospitality is headed up by our Managing Director, Peter Czakan, who has been involved in the hospitality industry his entire working life. Peter started his career working for premium brands such as Southern Sun Hotel and Sun International. He took over the management of a large Hospitality Staffing Organisation 12 years ago where he developed and grew the organisation to be the leading National Hospitality Staffing Provider in South Africa, servicing conference centres, hotels, casinos, catering companies and corporates alike. When Peter was appointed Managing Director and shareholder in February 2004, he managed a headcount of 680. Upon leaving, he managed a daily headcount of 7 700.


Our team has been handpicked to service you, our client. We believe in a culture fit for each client and so each member is hired on attitude and aptitude, carefully selected to suit your environment. ONLY the BEST spends extensive time providing accredited and outcomes-based training with our staff. With our intellectual property resources and the expert thought leaders found within our organisation, we can assure you that our team is supported and well trained. We also ensure close proximity to the contract’s manager in order to support your site from one of our national offices. Our team is available 24/7 and for each project a Service Level Agreement will be draw up to measure and manage outputs and ensure the successful execution of our service.


We strongly believe that doing good will always result in doing well. At ONLY the BEST Hospitality we pride ourselves on the benefits we provide our assignees. Our core benefits include: funeral cover, repatriation cover and employee wellness assistance. In addition to these we have also procured and made available hospital plans and medical insurance to our assignees at affordable rates.


Our clients are 5-star hotels, top South African corporates, event companies, casinos, convention centres and wedding venues among more. ONLY the BEST Hospitality will gladly provide teams ranging from three assignees to three hundred assignees. We have an all-embracing knowledge of recruiting, deploying and managing large contingents of staff and providing bespoke solutions for our clients.


ONLY the BEST Hospitality has purchased Capital Hotel School with the aim of uplifting the hospitality industry, providing brand alignment accredited training so that there is synergy in the service excellence you receive. Part time and full-time courses are available and every assignee that renders services at your organisation would have been trained at the Capital Hotel School. Not only is there outcomes based theoretical training but there is also on the job training and coaching. Our training ranges from skills transfer to customer centricity. This is to ensure that there is a holistic approach provided in the training of our assignees.

Our Capital Hotel School is accredited with the following associations:

» City and Guilds
» South African Chefs Association
» Wine and Spirit Education Trust
» Quality Council Trade Education


Outsourced Staffing – ONLY the BEST is able to supply assignees within all staff categories. We can provide staff on an hourly rate as and when business dictates this. We also have a leasing option where staff are supplied on a fixed monthly fee, based on 187 working hours. For the purpose of saving on overtime costs, ONLY the BEST Hospitality will also employ all staff on the basis of working a “Compressed Working Week” which allows the staff to work up to a maximum of 12 hour shif ts or 45 hours per week or 187 hours per month, whichever occurs first.

Consulting – “He who gives great service, gets great rewards.” By providing a consulting service, our hospitality expert is able to conduct an AS-IS Analysis, understand and map out the TO-BE Analysis and, from the Gap Analysis, implement efficient, effective cost saving initiatives to ensure brand alignment and superior customer service.

Hospitality is driven by flexibility, service excellence and professionalism, values that are at the core of ONLY the BEST Hospitality. We are committed to collaborating with prestigious hospitality companies in order to provide you with the Top Talent your business needs.