A Learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification. They are also directly related to an occupation or field of work. A Learnership programme means that a learner studies theory while completing practical assignments in the workplace. This enhances learning and exposure to a work environment, providing excellent value.

Learnerships promote access to education and training as they allow you to work and start your career while also studying for an accredited qualification.


» Learnerships are developed by the industry for the industry, in consultation with all relevant stakeholders, so the learning programmes and qualifications of the Learners are relevant to the specific occupations.

» Learnerships create an opportunity for companies to collaborate with training providers, enabling them to customise learning programmes to meet specific workplace needs.

» Learnerships improve skills and work performance. Because employees will be acquiring new knowledge and skills and

applying these in the workplace, companies will be raising the skills levels of employees while improving work performance.

» Productivity will be improved as employees will have the skills and knowledge required for the job.

» Less supervision time is needed because employees have been exposed to the work environment and understand the processes already.

» Employees will see the Learnership as an investment in their future, and they will be more likely to give back to the organisation by being loyal.

» As training programmes that combine theory and relevant practical elements, Learnerships create skilled people.

» By entering a Learnership with unemployed people, companies contribute to South Africa’s global competitiveness.

» Employers will be able to select employees from a wider pool of appropriately qualified workers who have developed skills that are relevant to the company’s specific field of work.

We believe in learnerships and the value they can bring to the learners, organisations and the growth of our country. ONLY the BEST is about providing excellent, high quality, necessary training and related work experience to qualified candidates.