Permanent recruitment

Permanent Recruitment is an investment of time and money for your organisation and when it is essential to recruit the Right candidate for the Right job, it can become an all-consuming task.

Partnering with an ONLY the BEST recruitment consultant will address your staffing needs, give you back the gift of time and help you realise a return on investment.

ONLY the BEST recruitment consultants are experts not only in the industries we serve but also in the professional disciplines we represent. Our business is not transactional, it is a partnership where our main objective is to empower you and to empower your business.

We are different because we blend the knowledge we’ve gained from our years of experience with Best Practice in the industry. With a cumulative experience of 137 years in the industry amongst the experts in the team, we are best positioned to use innovative methods of sourcing Top Talent for you and leveraging off our well established networks built over the years.

This powerful combination enables us to find, evaluate, and place the right candidates, delivering a completely customised strategic staffing solution. Our thorough end to end recruitment methodology ensures that your risk is mitigated and is based on the psychological premise that Past Behaviour predicts Future Behaviour. We not only engage the candidate and their skill set but also engage them on a motivational level to ensure that their needs will be met with their next career choice. We match the motivational drivers of the candidate and the client to cement a successful culture match. We further support you and your business with a 3- month guarantee, partnering with you to retain talent through this critical time. What does this mean for hiring professionals? Quite simply, it means that you will be paired with an experienced recruitment specialist with a world of talent at their fingertips, saving you time and connecting you with the most precious commodity of all…the BEST people.

Are you a frustrated HR Professional with way too much on your plate? Is your challenge looking over volumes of resumes and interviewing an abundance of candidates? Maybe your HR Department just needs a little support. OTB offers you a reliable partnership in helping you select your company’s most valuable asset: Permanent Staff.

Permanent Recruitment